www.carotidworld.org is dedicated to:
carotid stenosis, carotid stenting, carotid pathology, angioplasty, protection devices, stents and different percutaneous techniques.

Carotid World is the first website totally devoted to the carotid pathology.
A group of dedicated specialists highly skilled and well experienced in interventional procedures have decided to enter in touch with colleagues to offer them the opportunity to be informed on the newest techniques of carotid stenting, to discuss cases of mutual interest, to get information about the best materials available on the market, to speak of how avoiding and/or resolving possible complications.

Carotid World is intended to be a source of information and consultation for specalists, in particular interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, cardiologists and neuroradiologists, either with a large experience or with a little one, involved in the carotid field because of their job.
As the success of an interventional procedure depends, almost exclusively, on a good knowledge of different procedures and on a constant and updated training, the basic aim of this website is to support all those specialists who want "to know more" informing them of the main training programs available and suggesting them techniques and methods to follow and materials to use according to the different situations.


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